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About Spray Tan Machines is dedicated to bringing you the best self tanning products from various places such as Ebay and Amazon. We also feature tanning businesses such as and others will be appearing on the site shortly.

There's no question that there are many different self tanning systems out there. They also vary in terms of pricing. You can pick up a self tanning machine for as little as $50  or they can run into the thousands of dollars range. Most spray tan enthusiasts will be really satisfied with machines ranging from $150 to $400. Of course you can get a machine that is cheaper than this but you really do get what you pay for.

The cheaper machines tend to leak and spray unevenly and they are never as durable as a machine that is a little bit more expensive. Another thing to beware of... some machines you see are simply paint guns! Sometimes there is no difference than a "tanning" machine and a house painting device you can buy at a hardware store.

Machines such as the one that SoloMist offers are true tanning systems.  They are not built to paint houses! They are truly designed to offer a perfect spray tan with the special nozzle that ships with these machines. Oh, and some companies offer limited lifetime warranties on their machines if you use their custom tanning solutions. SoloMist offers such warranty.

Tanning Solution

After you've found a good tanning system the next important choice is a good tanning solution. First and foremost... go organic! Yes there is such thing as organic tanning solutions and they are easily the best. These all natural solutions have really caught up to the non-organic bronzers in the past few years. Yes you might pay a little more to get organic tanning solution but it really is worth it.

Why spray scantly tested man-made chemicals on you when you can get an all natural solution along with the confidence that it's safe? See our tanning solutions that we have listed on this site. The organic solutions are very good. Add them with a tan extender and your tan will look great and last a very very long time.